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Driver's Eye is proud to say that we were one of the first companies in the world to complete 

MotoCrane, LLC's first official certification program for owners. In an effort to increase both safe practices and educate their owners in an in-depth breakdown of the inner workings of the MotoCrane products, they started an official certification program. We have completed both their Technician and Operator programs. Driver's Eye continues to take the steps necessary to be on the forefront of ensuring safety and providing a high-quality affordable experience to our clients.


Driven only by professional stunt and precision drivers (SAG-AFTRA Stunt Drivers and Local 399 Camera Car Drivers), we ensure the safest on-set experience. Our drivers and crane operators are trained and certified in-house and come standard with our package, with no need for production to have to supply either labor position. Our LA-based camera car options are a modified blacked-out Porsche Cayenne S or Subaru WRX STI. They both come pre-rigged with every accessory needed including monitors, power, and a Preston 3-ch FI+Z. Our MotoCrane adapts to a custom speed rail frame that is permanently affixed to the roof, so we guarantee the greatest possible performance while decreasing setup time. Driver's Eye places a much needed emphasis on the driving aspect of our services, demanding the highest level of professionalism and execution from all of our drivers and operators.


Although our camera cars live in Los Angeles, MotoCrane doesn’t have to. Originally designed to be outfitted on any car with a roof, we are able to travel worldwide and rig it to a rental car or production supplied camera car to be able to fit an almost endless number of circumstances without the need of towing large equipment to set. Breaking down into airplane-ready cases, MotoCrane can be on site and up and running the same day it walks off the plane, if need be. This adaptability is what allows us to bring the new standard in affordable car-to-car shooting to your town, anywhere in the world.


With both the standard adaptable suction cup mounting system and our custom speed rail system, your creative minds can do what they do best and imagine MotoCrane working for you in any number of different scenarios. Whether it’s on a UTV with a roll cage chasing down dirt bikes on a winding trail, in-studio shoots, or even on boats and tops of trains; it's adaptability to any situation is what makes MotoCrane unique. For the first time, now you can get dynamic shots of your picture car while rigged to the picture car itself. Simulated hostess tray shots that can switch from the driver’s window to the passenger’s window in seconds, there’s not a Key Grip in the world that can beat that setup time. The list is virtually endless and we challenge you to develop new creative ways to utilize this technology to enhance your storytelling ability.


Fully understanding the rigors and stresses of producing content these days, our goal is to create a smooth and anxiety-free experience during booking and scheduling. In addition, we are constantly building alliances with other talented professionals in the industry to offer you a one-stop-shop for all of your car sequence needs. All of our drivers are SAG-AFTRA stunt drivers and Local 399 Camera Car Drivers. If you're in need of a professional driver or a driving team, we've got you covered by helping you assemble a talented group of driving professionals that we work with and can vouch for. All of our trained operators are cinematographers themselves. Many of which are able to offer additional products & services at a discount with your MotoCrane booking, such as camera package rentals, Steadicam, drones, or other car-mount rigging and Key Grip services/hardware. If you plan on shooting any portion of your car sequence on green screen, LED or projection, contact They specialize in an oftentimes under appreciated service of capturing backplates for green screen car sequences with precision and quality in mind through their synchronized 4K 9-camera system. Be sure to tell them we sent you!

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