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Driver’s Eye understands the severity of the current pandemic and the importance of keeping all crew members safe. We are officially updating our cleaning, sanitation, and operating strategies to combat the spread of COVID-19. In an attempt to relieve non-union jobs of their PPE costs, any PPE for Driver's Eye supplied crew and cleaning supplies for any camera car related surfaces is provided by Driver's Eye.


Moving forward, our new policies are outlined below based on the current CDC health recommendations and our associated union requirements:


- The Porsche Camera Car has been outfitted with clear vinyl sheet barriers separating each of the four positions inside, adding an additional safeguard against transmission among Driver and Operators


- All camera car interiors will be thoroughly cleansed no more than 12-hrs prior to call time using a car interior sanitizer approved as a Tier I Surface Disinfectant by the EPA & ACC/CBC


- Periodically throughout the shoot day, high-contact surfaces of the camera car will be sanitized (door handles, buttons, wireless comms, steering wheel, monitors/articulating arms, controllers, seats, etc) using a car interior sanitizer approved as a Tier I Surface Disinfectant by the EPA & ACC/CBC and/or 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes supplied by Driver’s Eye


- During both operating and downtime, all windows will remain open to increase open air flow (versus recirculated air conditioning) as well as allowing sunlight into the camera car (weather permitting)


- No food or snacks will be allowed in the camera car, only individual bottles of water with names written on the bottle


- Each wireless comms device will be individually labeled with the user’s name, they are not to be exchanged with another crew member’s comms unit


- No unauthorized crew member shall enter or access the camera car. Only crew that is pre-approved to be in the camera car will be allowed in the car. This includes Camera Assistants who are looking to install custom monitors or equipment in the camera car prior to shooting. Please get an approved crew member to assist in the install.


- Any outside equipment to be installed in or on the camera car on the day will need to be sanitized prior to install - including monitors, wireless video, walkie talkies, batteries, etc. (please see Driver’s Eye personnel prior to installing in order for the equipment to be sanitized and approved)


- In an effort to minimize crew time inside the camera car, all shots need to be pre-planned and choreographed prior to mounting up and taking the road (if interested, ask about our 3D modeling/animatic services to help design and choreograph driving sequences)


- All crew members brought on to the production by Driver’s Eye will be vetted to the best of our ability prior to recommending crew members for our mandatory supplied positions such as Camera Car Driver and Boom Operator (as testing, antibody testing, and/or vaccine availability increases, this policy will be updated to reflect current prevention measures)


- All Driver's Eye crew members have completed the Safe Sets International COVID-19 course 


- Any crew member showing symptoms of COVID-19 (as described by the CDC) will be sent home immediately


- All crew members inside the camera car will wear a mask at all times & refrain from touching their faces


- Gloves will be optional as many of our jobs involve precise manual movements, touchscreens, joysticks, precision driving/steering etc. that require fine-tuned and meticulous movements 


- Crew members are asked to stay on top of their own hand-cleansing, this includes either washing their hands with soap and water when available or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (Driver’s Eye will supply a hand sanitizer for any camera car crew members)


- Crew members will not be allowed to loiter in the camera car during downtime, all crew is to vacate the camera car when not in operation and leave the windows down when not in use (weather permitting)


- Crew members are to social distance during downtime or during camera car rigging, gimbal balancing, etc.



Mandatory crew members brought on to the production by Driver’s Eye (Camera Car Driver & Boom Operator) are always performing their jobs from inside the camera car - the Gimbal Operator and AC (for focus) can be arranged in the following options to be predetermined by both production and Driver’s Eye prior to showing up on set:


1) Driver’s Eye supplies all (4) operating positions and no one from the production is in the camera car at all. Director and/or DP can be in a production-supplied follow vehicle with wireless video and in communication with our crew via comms or walkie. This is the safest option overall for crews who are vetted as being COVID-19 free and the institution of day players brings a concern, but who are also ok with handing over gimbal operation and focus to our supplied crew members (we have numerous camera car experienced crew members who can fill these positions).


2) Driver’s Eye mandatory crew members (Camera Car Driver & Boom Operator) are the only ones in the camera car and no one from the production is in the car at all. Production supplies the follow vehicle that will house the wireless video, Gimbal Operator, the AC (for focus), as well as the Director. The follow vehicle must stay close to the camera car at all times to ensure the wireless signals for both the gimbal and focus do not drop out. If deemed necessary for safety, we can provide a professional driver to drive your follow vehicle to ensure it’s as close to the camera car as possible while ensuring a high level of safety and communication. This is best for crews looking to separate themselves from the day players as much as possible and not forfeit the operation of gimbal operating or focus. However, you run a small risk of signal drop out to your follow vehicle. A high quality FI+Z would be recommended.


3) Driver’s Eye mandatory crew members (Camera Car Driver & Boom Operator) and production supplied Gimbal Operator and AC (for focus) are all operating in the camera car together. This has been our most common arrangement prior to the pandemic due to its ideal signal strength and ease of communication, but this is now the least safe for all crew members involved in relation to COVID-19. All crew members need to agree to this arrangement in advance to ensure everyone accepts this level of potential risk.



*Under no circumstances will there be non-operating personnel in the camera car such as a Director, AD, Client, etc. - those persons are to be in a separate follow vehicle at all times. Operating personnel includes the following (4) positions only: Camera Car Driver, Boom Operator, Gimbal Operator & AC. No one outside of these positions should be in the camera car.


*Printable copies of this information is available for you upon request to submit to your insurance company prior to a scheduled shoot, should you need it.

*Live streaming services (secure and encrypted) are available at an additional cost if Production has decided to keep any vital personnel at home such as Director, Client, etc. These costs vary depending on a number of variables, so feel free to ask for more details.

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