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MotoCrane Hyper w/Porsche Cayenne

-Full monitor package

-Seating: 5 plus the driver

-Boom Length: 14’ standard length (10.5' max lens height)

                             20’ optional length (13.5' max lens height)

-Operational Speed: 360° swing in 5.5 seconds

                                       -35° to 35° lift in under 2 seconds

                                       100+ mph

-Payload: 14' mode - 120lbs (including remote head)

                  20' mode - 80lbs (including remote head)

-Flighthead Mini 4: Joystick or Wheels

                                    Shaker Box (optional)

                                              Zoom Motor (optional)

Our premiere arm car setup with Flighthead Mini 4 remote head

MotoCrane Hyper 14'

14' Mode (standard)

  - 120lb payload

  - Perfect for most shooting situations

  - Good for dense shooting locations: cities or places

    with a lot of obstacles

  - Good for car chases & racetracks

  - 10.5' max lens height

MotoCrane Hyper 20'

20' Mode (optional)

  - 80lb payload

  - Good for open shooting locations: deserts, dry

    lake beds, closed/controlled roads

  - Good for car commercial shots that need the

    camera car's shadow out of the shot or car's paint

  - 13.5' max lens height

MotoCrane Hyper with Crew
Porsche Interior 1
Porsche Interior 2
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