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Follow Truck - Ford F150 Lariat

Mobile video village perfect for smaller crews. No need to build your own follow vehicle on the day, everything needed is included.

Perfect accompaniment to our Camera Car.

-Full monitor package: Dual 19" Atomos Sumo in rear seat

                                                        7" SmallHD in front seat

-Seating: 4 plus the driver

-Wireless Video System Included

-2,000 watt pure sine wave power inverter for battery    charging

-Driver Included

-More discreet and manageable than a giant pass van

-Also available as a stationary video village (without a  driver)

Follow Truck Interior 1
Follow Truck Interior 2
Follow Truck Exterior

Optional music video package:

       -Mobile playback

       -Dual 15" JBL DJ speakers (roof or bed mounted)

       -2 channel mixer inside the cab allowing the Director         to control the song and also speak to talent

        through a handheld mic

Follow Truck Playback 1
Follow Truck Playback 2
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