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Plate Pros

PlatePros is a full service international production services company dedicated to creating VFX elements for the film, television, and commercial production community.

Having contributed to over 2000 film, television, and commercial productions, their union and non-union crews are the most experienced photographic virtual environment specialists in the world.

Utilizing Driver's Eye to film your car-to-car vehicle exterior content, Plate Pros will then film your 360° driving plates for use on an LED or green screen stage to place your actors in a safe controlled environment for all your interior vehicle shots.

Flighthead 8-Camera Array

Mounted on our MotoCrane Hyper in either 14' or 20' mode. Designed for unique plate needs such as off-road scenarios where you want to reach out and away from your own dust cloud, very low lens heights to replicate sports cars, very high lens heights to replicate tall vehicles and double decker buses, or anytime you need stabilized plates. Can travel and be mounted on other arm cars.

Flighthead 7-camera array

Motorcycle Array

Lightweight multi camera arrays designed to be mounted on our camera motorcycle. Ideal for simulating dynamic motorcycle characteristics, splitting lanes, or simply filming in a space too tight for a camera car.

Motorcycle Array
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