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Stunt Coordination

We are driving specialists, that’s at the heart of what we do. We offer both SAG-AFTRA stunt coordination and non-union stunt coordination for all your driving scenes. Ensuring high safety levels should be important to your production and it’s important to us. Having an in-depth understanding of car dynamics is paramount in designing car stunts and safely achieving the desired outcome.


Director/DP - Vehicle Specialist

New to filming driving sequences? We can help in making sure that the person directing the driving scenes is going to deliver the content the way you envisioned it. We’re not here to steal your directorial glory, but we are here to ensure that what is captured on camera is done correctly and safely. We know what can and can’t be done, and are familiar with all the tools and personnel available to do it. We love new ideas and the age old concept of a shot “that’s never been done before” - and we have the ability to break it down and determine the best way to execute it. Able to travel worldwide and utilize a network of Russian Arm (U-Crane) teams, and all the other tools you need to execute your vision.


Stunt Driving - Personnel

If you’re in need of stunt drivers for your driving sequences, we can help find the right people for the job with the right skillsets. We take pride in our driving and safety record, and so should you. We have access to a large network of stunt drivers through our years of SAG-AFTRA stunt work. Leave the driving to the professionals and help keep the rubber side down…unless of course your scene calls for that!


Precision Driving Team - Personnel

Not all driving scenes call for stunts, however, all driving scenes require competent and dependable drivers. Just because you have a driver’s license doesn’t mean you’re qualified for the job. We understand the various needs of filming driving sequences and can confidently supply drivers who have experience driving around Russian Arms (U-Cranes), process trailers, creating live traffic barricades, maintaining steady speeds for tracking and hitting marks.

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